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4 years 5 months ago #7 by Legendsk
Legendsk created the topic: Old User (new forum member)
Hi, my name is Si Kelly and it has been for a real long time. Retired electronics engineer and live full time in a 5th wheel trailer. Started faceting 55+ years ago and did just enough to make sure it was as much fun as I suspected it would be, then moved up from an old used machine (a Lee perhaps but I don't remember for sure) to one of the original Seattle GemMasters, with a cone drive. Still have it; still love it. It is left hand since I am right handed. I am much more into flat facets with good meets, finish and correct angles than exotic designs, concave facets, etc.

I'm not a gambler and just can't imagine investing in a slot machine, although I can appreciate that there are those who can view it as entertainment and spend happy hours gambling. In that vein, I think of faceting for a hobby as being like a treasure hunt. For many years I had a standing deal with many friends, coworkers and relatives who traveled a lot - if you are in a place where faceting gem rough is available, get an inexpensive bag and I will cut your choice of stones out of it, in exchange for the rest of the rough. In general, the more you invest in the rough, the higher the probability that you will get a treasure out of it. But each stone is usually a surprise, sometimes less than you expected, but other times much more than you ever hoped. So perhaps I really am a gambler, it is just that my version is to buy gem rough and then spend some time trying to bring out its best.

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